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The Higher Consciousness Society (HCS) is a non-profit spiritual education organization. Our mission is to enlighten and empower Souls on their journey to higher consciousness, to provide instruction to those seeking to personally explore the inner worlds of GOD, to share the power and omnipresence of divine love that resides within each person, to provide a bridge for seekers of all spiritual persuasions to an understanding of their own divinity, and to empower them with a new spiritual paradigm. We invite you to explore this web site and learn about HCS for yourself.


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The Higher Consciousness Contemplation of Life I

I am one with ALL THAT IS.
I surrender to my higher self,
God-soul that is me.
In the eternity of now,
I rise above time and space
Into infinite spirit.

In this creative center
Of pure consciousness,
Where all things exist,
I accept into my life
That which I choose
For my wellbeing and spiritual unfoldment.

I think neither good nor bad
Of events in my life,
For they are without form.
Neither good nor bad,
Either good or bad
My choice
Makes it my own.

Outcomes flow from
What I think, and
What I deem is true.
For how I act,
And what I accept,
Steers the course
That will ensue.

I focus on my higher self,
God-soul that is free.
A spark of GOD, part of the whole
That watches over me.
It meets my needs,
And steers my course,
On my journey home, to THEE.

I center
On my love for GOD,
And GOD’s boundless love for me,
A love that provides, protects
And guides my way,
To know the ONE
In me.

All there is.
And I as part of THEE,
Claim freedom
Joy, success
As mine,
GOD’s endless gift to me.
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